New Cubbies Are Here!

Today, the new cubbies were finally ready for use! It’s hard to describe the looks of joy on my students’ faces, as they got to practice coming up the stairs and putting away their jackets and bags.

The hooks were first installed today. As each cubby was completed, it was brought into the classroom, where the girls were sitting on the mat. Then, we carefully removed the name tags from the makeshift cubbies we were using until now, and placed them on the back of the cubby. The girls carefully put all their things into their knapsacks, put on their jackets, and waited outside the room. They took turns being greeted as though it was the morning and they were first arriving. Then, they took their notebooks out of their bags and put them in the proper place, and did the same with their jackets and bags. It’s a pleasure to watch how nicely they put away their things, even though it was only the first time!

Since I don’t have permission to post photos of their faces, you’ll have to make do with pictures of the cubbies, and the backs of one student putting her backpack away for the final time for today! With your continued support, we can have new tables. So what are you waiting for? Click “How Can I Help,” and see what you can do!

R putting away her bag



One Comment to “New Cubbies Are Here!”

  1. Wow, that’s so exciting!

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