We Can Win $20,000-Another Update

A message from Care2.com, the company sponsoring the $20,000 contest:

Thanks for voting for your school in America’s School Spirit Challenge!

Weekly Winner
Congratulations to our fourth Weekly Winner of $500–Shalsheles Bais Yaakov School in Brooklyn, New York!

If you haven’t voted yet at the main contest, for our school to win $20,000, please do so now at http://tinyurl.com/35t4y8v


One Comment to “We Can Win $20,000-Another Update”

  1. WOHOO!! I’m SO happy for you! Your school definitely deserves it…and they hold a very special place in my heart. The girls are really trying to become better and fight so strongly to become frum it is inspiring to see.

    I am thrilled that the money is going to Shalsheles and hope more people vote because who knows?! Maybe you’ll get the big prize!

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