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December 19, 2010

Flip Video…for US!

Shalsheles Bais Yaakov won a free flip video! We got it by being registered for My Coke Rewards for Schools. That’s right-we did nothing else! Sure, we had some points entered. But not enough to “purchase” this $130 product!

You can help us get more great products from coke, by sending me coke codes, or by signing up for coke rewards and donating your points to Shalsheles Bais Yaakov School.

December 2, 2010

November Newsletter

R. Y. makes a wikkistix picture next to her name

Dear Shalsheles Preschool Parent,

What a month it’s been! We learned so many new things, and are on our way to becoming real students!

In the Pink Group, we are finishing up our shapes unit this week. Can you believe it? Here are some of the things we did for different shapes. Do you remember when I brought these projects home? Some of them will  be coming home over the next few weeks, as we take them off the walls and replace them with other new and exciting projects for our next unit.

Square-We learned that a SQUARE has four straight sides that are all the same size. We had so much fun finding SQUARE all over the classroom and school building. Miss Ehrenfeld in the office on the first floor gave us each a SQUARE post-it note to take home and remind us what a SQUARE looks like. Some of the SQUARES we found included: floor tiles, windows, blocks, and lockers. We made a SQUARE gift box out of food and ate it for snack, then made another one to bring home. Mmmm….who can go wrong with graham crackers, marshmallow fluff, sprinkles, and licorice? It’s a good thing Morah doesn’t give this to us all the time!

Triangle-with collages, hunts, and ice cream cones, we sure had a lot of fun learning about TRIANGLES! Did you know that a slice of pizza is a TRIANGLE? I know that now! Morah gave us a Shabbos treat of candy corn in ice cream cones to take home. It was delicious. For this hunt, instead of putting our finds on the mat, we put them in the TRIANGLE on the floor. Then we used our bodies to make a TRIANGLE around the TRIANGLE full of TRIANGLES on the floor. Who knew our bodies can do such wonderful things?

Rectangle-So many things around us are shaped like RECTANGLES, that we couldn’t stop pointing them out on our hunt! When we stopped in the High School office to look for RECTANGLES, all the teachers were so impressed by how many we found. And then, Mrs. Wolpin gave us a special surprise-dollar bill erasers, because they are RECTANGLES! Even Morah didn’t know that we would get the erasers until we were there. We couldn’t believe our good luck. We also made RECTANGLE buildings, with RECTANGLE doors on them. We even put pictures of RECTANGLE objects behind the doors. We had to choose the objects all by ourselves off a page full of pictures, but since we know our shapes so well, it wasn’t too hard. As a treat, we got mini RECTANGLE wafers on Friday. Yum!

Ovals-are much harder to come by. When we went on our hunts, Morah Tammy hid pictures of OVAL objects all over school, and we found them. It was so much fun to pull them off the walls. Morah told us all about Humpty Dumpty, and how he fell off the wall. We wondered why the King’s horses and men couldn’t put him back together again, so Morah showed us. She cracked an egg into a bowl, because Humpty Dumpty was an egg. Then, we tried to put our egg back together again, but it didn’t work! Luckily, Morah had lots more eggs for us, and we helped her boil them. We went to the sink to put in water, but we made sure to stay far, far away from the burner, because we know it’s dangerous. When they were done boiling, we got to peel them-and what a surprise! Instead of liquid spilling out of the shell, we had a nice, white…OVAL!

Diamond-is our last shape! Morah introduced it by showing us a kite. We had so much fun painting our kites, and then telling Morah where our kites will fly. And then, as a special surprise for all the parents coming to PTA, we made special DIAMOND necklaces for our mothers. They were so much fun to make, and took a lot of skills too. We had to count the beads and make sure we put on only five beads before we put on a DIAMOND, and then start again. When we were done, Morah wrote the special messages onto the envelope. Weren’t you excited when you came and got it?

Morah didn’t tell us yet what’s coming next, but I have a suspicion that we’ll be starting a new unit. What will it be? I can’t wait to find out!

The Purple Group has also been very busy this month! We had so many new concepts to explore in our Letterbooks, and learn something new every day. After finishing the letter “Oo”, we moved on to “Gg”. The sound of “Gg” is /g/, like in goat, grape, and garden. Speaking of goats, grapes, and gardens, wasn’t it nice the way I was able to “read” the story about the goats and other animals eating grapes in the girl’s garden?

Our Oo Mural. The Purple Group worked really hard on this!

In the Gg Letterbook, we started practicing many new skills. The first new skill we learned is to notice details. We started noticing that things are not always exactly the same, once you look closely. Four goats in a row may look the same, until you look really closely at their collars. Whoops, one has a bell, one is a rectangle, and one has a bow! The one we needed though, had only a plain, round collar around his neck.

We started working on sequencing too. We noticed how first you have to mix up the cookie dough, and only then can you take the cookies out of the oven. A good way to practice this skill at home is to ask me what we should do first in any situation. Hmmm….what goes first? Do we take the bowl out of the cabinet, or do we pour the cereal and milk? I know, I know!

Part of getting closer to being able to read is learning how to recognize sounds in places other than the beginning of a word. We started this with the letter Gg. Morah brought in a bag, and many familiar and unfamiliar objects. We had to decide which items could go into the bag. The ticket to entry was ending with /g/. If you read the list of words at the end of this paragraph to me, I can tell you which ones go in the bag. Here are some of the things that Morah brought to school: glue, rug, goop, mug, pig, goat, dog, wig, glasses, jug, and flag.

Gift starts with Gg. And what a coincidence, the Pink Group was learning about squares, a very common shape for a gift box! We joined up with them in making gift boxes out of food, as we usually do, but this time, it connected with our unit too.

You know what else I know about the letter Gg? The big G is almost like a C, but not quite! Just like a C is a circle with its mouth open, so is the G, except…the G lets us see his tongue! The little g is different. It’s also like a circle…but it has a tail!

E. M. shows off the colors she knows

In our dictionaries, we covered the letter Gg with gold glitter glue and green glue. We also colored Gila Gorilla, practiced writing Gg, and cut and pasted pictures of objects beginning with Gg in our books.

Our next letter is Aa! We’re not done yet, but we’re definitely moving along. Here are some of the things we have done so far:

We reviewed a shape we know well on the first few pages of this Letterbook. Triangle! Did you ever notice that the top of a big A is a triangle? We learned that the sound of Aa is /a/, like in apple, alligator, and anteater. Apple day was so much fun! We tasted red, yellow, and green apples, and decided which ones we liked best. We counted the seeds as well. The red apple had the most seeds, but the apple that most of us liked best was green. Another day, Morah read us a poem about animal crackers, and we guess what was in the Mystery Box that day? You guessed it! Yummy animal crackers for snack!

We’ve been working on things that go together as well. Morah hung up a sign with pictures in two columns, and we had to match the pictures. What goes together with shoes? Socks of course!

M. A. points out letters she knows

What do we drink with chocolate chip cookies? Milk! We color with crayons on…paper! It’s good to practice these skills, they’ll help us in learning as we get older.

With the letter Aa, we started a new concept in reading-blending sounds together. It’s not easy, but it sure is fun! Soon, we’ll be able to read whole words on our own! Morah read us lots of words beginning with the sounds listed below, and we were able to figure out the first two letters. We’re well on our way to reading! I don’t know what these words mean, since they’re grown-up words, but it sure is nice to know that I can recognize the sounds they start with! Here they are: acrobat (/ak/), oculist (/ok/), agriculture (/ag/), Ogden (/og/), cavern (/ka/), cobbler (/ko/), gallop (/ga/), and gossip (/go/).

We also started to listen for the sounds in the middle of words, like /a/ in bag. A suitcase is a type of bag, and we colored pictures in our Letterbooks of things that could go into the bag on the page. Do you know what can go into this bag? Only words that have /a/ in the middle, of course!
You know what else begins with Aa? Alphabet! We placed alphabet stickers inside the letter Aa in our dictionaries. They’re really coming along nicely, and I can’t wait to bring it home to you at the end of the year. Morah says that it would be very helpful if you would send in old magazines and catalogs (make sure that all people in any pictures in them are fully dressed) for us to cut pictures from. That way, you get to have a part in my dictionary too! Just make sure there are lots of pictures in them!

I can’t wait to see what we’ll learn next week!
Have a happy Chanuka!

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