How Can I help?

America’s School Spirit Challenge: This only takes a minute, and if we get enough votes, Shalsheles can win $20,000! That’s a lot of money!

Del Monte is giving 50 teachers $750, plus $250 worth of fresh fruits and vegetables! All you need to do is vote daily. They won’t send you any emails, either! It’s easy, free, and totally possible for me to win!

Box Tops For Education: Sign up on the Box Tops site to support our school in many different ways! You can shop at affiliated stores and a percentage of your purchase will be donated directly to Shalsheles. Just choose Shalsheles Bais Yaakov as the school you’re supporting. You can also get coupons for Box Tops products. Buy things for my classroom from Classroom Essentials, and not only do I get what you want to donate, but the school gets 2% of your total. Explore the site to find ideas that I haven’t found yet myself.  At the same time, you can send me your own Box Tops, and my school will get $0.10 for each. (Mail them directly to Shalsheles, or to me)

Coke Rewards: Sign up for Coke Rewards, and use the codes found on participating brands’ products to get points. Donate them to Shalsheles Bais Yaakov, and I’ll get what I need for my classroom! If you’d rather not sign up, you can email your codes to me, or send me your bottle caps and wrappers with the codes, and I’ll do it myself.

Funding Factory: Send me your empty ink cartridges and old cell phones, and I’ll send them in to Funding Factory (at no cost to me!) to get points/cash towards buying what I need for my classroom. I can get anything from here, as long as I have enough points.

Bottle Recycling: Redeem your empty soda bottles for cash and mail the money to me, or bring them to me to redeem myself. You’ve already spent the five cents, so why not give it to a good cause?

Penny Fund: Pennies may seem like nothing to many people, but they certainly add up! Label a container (or ask me for one, if you know me personally) “Shalsheles Penny Fund,” and fill it with pennies! When it’s full, either exchange it for cash at your  bank, and send me the money, or drop it off by me so I can take care of it myself.

Adopt-a-Classroom: Make a tax deductible donation by going to Adopt-a-Classroom and selecting my classroom. I can then purchase needed items for my classroom using the money, and have it delivered directly to school.

Amazon: Purchase items needed in my classroom directly from my classroom wish list on amazon. They’ll get delivered directly to my classroom, and be put to good use!


3 Comments to “How Can I help?”

  1. This school is an amazing place. I was in this classroom, and it so far looks really good. But there are some things that are majorly lacking, and that’s where they need your help! Please Help!

  2. My daughter started this school this year and was very excited about learning from the minute she got here

  3. Hey there! If your daughter is in our school, please help us out! There is so much more that we can do to make her excited about learning if we have more resources, and most of the ways to help won’t cost you a thing! Hope to hear from you!

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