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August 11, 2011

A New Year

A new year, new challenges. Hopefully, this year will be a little more organized in the way of putting up our newsletters. In the meantime, the real reason I’m back is because I need your help!

B’ezras Hashem, we are expecting at least ten girls on the first day of school this year. What an excitement! Doubling our class size over the summer can only mean that the last school year was marked with success.

Some of the things we accomplished last year include

  • the purple group learned to read! At the end of the school year, they were able to read complete stories, and answer questions to show they understood.
  • we learned to count, and we recognize numbers through eighteen!
  • we learned to sit nicely when we eat, not to talk or walk while eating, and how to ask for the foods we want.

Now that summer is almost over, it’s time to start preparing for the new school year. Last year, in our class of five students, we fit nicely around a single table. The pretty new chairs though, were too low for the table! That’s because we got chairs to fit a child’s body, not an adult. Instead of using the new chairs when we were at the table, we sat on grown-up chairs. It was harder to sit nicely with our feet down, though, and sometimes we fell off. This year, We would like to have new tables, the right size for the chairs.

We need help though! In order to have new tables, we need to raise almost $300 in the next few days. Otherwise, the tables may not be delivered in time for the first day of school.

To donate, please visit our page on AdoptAClassroom!

November 2, 2010

October Newsletter

Dear Shalsheles Preschool Parent,

Welcome to our first e-newsletter of the year! While I send communication home in the notebooks all the time, this is a way for me to update you on what’s going on in our classroom while saving school resources. I look forward to hearing back from you, whether it’s with comments, concerns, or questions.

For the afternoon, our class has been divided into two groups, based on ages. This way, no one is forced to try focusing on material that is too far above their grasp. While I encourage the girls to learn new things all the time, I feel that pressuring them to be older than they are is not only unhelpful, but harmful as well. Many activities are shared by both groups, however the younger group will NOT be doing things that are not developmentally appropriate.

The younger group is called the Pink Group. In the pink group, we are focusing on our Shapes Unit! This week, we are learning about circles. Some activities we did this week were:
Classroom Shapes Hunt-we searched the classroom to find as many circles as we could! Some circles we found in the classroom included: toy plates, cups, and bowls, beads, buttons, chairs, and bracelets.
School Shapes Hunt-we searched the school building to find circles too! Some circles we found: doorknobs, posters, lightbulbs, and elevator buttons.
Cheerio Circle Necklaces-everyone knows that cheerios are circles-and so are necklaces! We had fun stringing our cheerios onto yarn, and then got to eat the cheerios off our necklaces while we waited for our parents to come, or on the bus on the way home. So if you didn’t see my necklace, don’t worry! It means that the cheerios were yummy enough for me to finish them!
Floor Circle-we stood, walked, jumped, sat, and touched a circle on the floor of the classroom.

We also did a Circus Unit, where we talked about different circus characters, and what they might do. We made life sized clowns by tracing our bodies on paper, coloring them, drawing on features, and tracing and gluing on a hat.

Our older group is called the Purple Group. We are already working on our second letter! Our first letter was “Cc”. We know the letter “Cc” says /k/, like clown, cake, candy, and cat. We decorated our CLOWNS, just like the Pink Group. We learned about top, middle, and bottom, and about above, below, and on. We also learned that the letter “Cc” is a circle with it’s mouth open. We are always careful to leave it open!

Now we’re working on the letter “Oo”! An “Oo” is a circle with its mouth closed. We know it says /o/ like octopus, otter, and ostrich. We learned so many interesting facts about those animals while we practiced the sound of the “Oo”! We also discussed visiting the doctor, and know that when we open our mouths to say “o” for the doctor, our mouth looks like an “Oo”. We practiced sorting objects by size, using Rachel for biggest, Mazal for medium sized, and Ruthie for small. We sorted so many things from our classroom!

We’ll be finished the letter “Oo” soon, and be ready for the next one. We can’t wait to see what will come next!

October 19, 2010

We Can Win $20,000-Update

We are now number 33 on the top 100 list to get the $20,000. That actually sounds a lot better than it is! To win, we will need over 2700 votes-and we only have ninety five! Have you voted yet? Have you passed it on to all your friends?

If you are interested in posting about this as your status on facebook, email me at and I’ll send you a text to use. If you are interested in writing a note about this on facebook, and tagging your friends to get them to vote, email me at the same, and I’ll send you a poem that you can use.

October 12, 2010

Making Our Way to the Top

We’re working hard at our fundraisers this week! Many people have been kind enough to post links to the two main fundraisers, Del Monte Teachers Monday, and America’s School Spirit Challenge on their blogs, facebook, and twitter. That’s what has brought us this far! At 192 votes, we are number 25 on the list at Del Monte-which puts us in week three! If we keep moving up at a quick pace, with all of you, and your friends voting daily, we can easily move up a few notches, maybe even enough to make it into the second week! At America’s School Spirit Challenge, on the other hand, we are not doing nearly as well. That’s a pity, because $20,000 in the school’s coffers could make a huge difference in the education of so many children! With 42 votes, we are only number 66 in the top 100 schools, and that won’t get us any money.

If you want to make a difference, not only should you vote, but encourage your parents, friends, and relatives to vote too! Anyone over the age of 18 can cast a ballot in America’s School Spirit Challenge, and all you need to vote in Teachers Monday is a computer with internet access-it doesn’t matter how old you are! In fact, in one family, some people who didn’t yet have email addresses made them special for America’s School Spirit Challenge! It’s not hard, and you won’t be flooded with spam.

Please help today!

October 9, 2010

We Can Win $20,000!

Please vote for us HERE. The school with the most votes gets $20,000, and each week a school is randomly chosen to win $500. PLUS, if you refer a certain amount of friends (I believe 20), the program will send you a $50 gift card!

October 8, 2010

Teachers Mondays

Del Monte fruit company is currently having a promotion. For five Mondays, starting October 18, they will be awarding $750+$250 in fresh fruits to 10 classroom! You can help us get the money by voting daily at the Del Monte website. It’s easy, free, and the more votes I get, the more likely it is that I’ll win! Winners are based ONLY on the amount of votes, so if you vote, and pass it on to everyone you know, I’ll move up the list and be more likely to win.

Please help!

October 7, 2010

New Cubbies!

I can’t wait for school to start again next week, thanks to all the wonderful donors out there! The new cubbies arrived today, and are in the process of being assembled. By Monday morning, the preschool students will be able to put their things away without trouble. Each girl will have her own double hook for her jacket and knapsack, and a shelf on top for storing snacks and extra clothing. What a difference that will make! Right now, they stuff their jackets, knapsacks, change of clothes, supply boxes, and projects into little square foot cubbies, so every time they want to take something out, everything lands on the floor. Watch for pictures, to be posted next week!

October 5, 2010

Business Owner?

Are you a business owner looking for a way to help your community? Here’s an easy way! Funding Factory, the program that is taking the Electronic Clutter that I’m collecting, has a great way for business owners to partner up with our organization, at no cost to you!

Here’s how it works:

1. You register with Funding Factory as a business owner here. One item they will ask of you is for the Beneficiary ID, which identifies our school as the organization receiving funds.  I will gladly provide it to interested business owners.

2. At your request, Funding Factory will send you shipping labels and promotional materials, at no cost to you.

3. Collect empty inkjet and laser cartridges and old cell phones.

4. Using the free shipping labels provided by Funding Factory, send in the cartridges and cell phones.

5. Shalsheles Bais Yaakov’s account will be credited with points (each point has a $.40 value) towards classroom, recreational, and technology equipment.

For all other Electronic Clutter you may have, read this post for drop-off locations!

September 29, 2010

Electronic Clutter

How many of us feel we have to have the newest of everything? The latest Blackberry, iPod, DVD player, GPS? How about your kids? The coolest cell phone (which changes every week), the most recent scientific calculator (“If I’m going to take the SAT/Regent/AP Exam, I can’t make do without the best!”), the best camera (“But Maaaa! Everyone has a camera with color selection now! How can you say no? It’s so not fair!”) and all the rest. So we’re left sitting with junk. The cables, the software CDs, the rechargeable batteries. The charger, the packaging, the accessories.

Now, there’s something you can do with it. Donate it! If you send all your little gadgets (I’ll list them below) to the right places, I’ll get credit towards whatever my school needs! From books and educational  material, to sports equipment, from technology to supplies, as long as we have the credit for it, we can get it delivered directly to school, at no charge to us!

Ways to donate:

Old cell phones can be dropped off at: Shalsheles Bais Yaakov ATT: Morah Mamela. I will take care of shipping it out.  Hours: M-Th: 8:30-4:45, F: 8:30-12

The following electronics ONLY may also be dropped at the same location:

Old GPS systems, scientific/graphic calculators, DVD players, MP3 players, digital cameras

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